Endometriosis: 190 million unheard voices

‘In March 2024 my article on the psychological impact of Endometriosis was published in the British Psychological Society’s magazine and you can find it here.  This article is trying to create professional’s and the public’s awareness of this debilitating condition and to validate the lived experience of Endometriosis sufferers and whose suffering deserves to be heard.’

Women's Health

I am keen to create awareness of the psychological impact of Endometriosis and like to through my teaching and writing, work on ensuring psychological provision in medical settings for this debilitating condition. Endometriosis needs to be treated holistically and next to medical interventions, non-invasive treatments such as psychology should be an important part of helping women cope better with Endometriosis.
Below you can find a few examples of my work in this area.

My Work in Endometriosis

This article was written by me to promote Endometriosis awareness by focusing on my NHS clients’ experiences. In it I explain the biological, psychological and social impact of Endometriosis and the psychological interventions I used to help them adjust and cope better with the symptoms of Endometriosis.

Endometriosis Article (2018)
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In this webinar I answer questions from Endometriosis sufferers about psychological support as part of the treatment plan. The webinar starts with two of my NHS clients who explain the therapeutic process and how it has helped them.

Endometriosis UK Webinar (2022)
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Helpful Endometriosis Resources

Endometriosis UK Website
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Endometriosis Centre in the Netherlands
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Facebook’s US based group ‘Nancy’s Nook’
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Climate Change


Eco-anxiety Resources
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The Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA)
Climate Café’s: a space to feel
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Active Hope Website
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Other Resources

Employment Law Website
If you are experiencing discrimination at work due to physical or mental health conditions, please visit the website below for advice on employment issues.

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Teaching Event

Education day for Endometriosis Clinical Nurse Specialists for British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, where I talked about the psychological impact of Endometriosis (2022)

As part of an NHS Educational day for Endometriosis Clinical Nurse Specialists who work in specialist Endometriosis teams across the UK, I was invited to hold a presentation on the psychological impact of Endometriosis. The presentation was designed to create psychological awareness in order to treat their patients holistically and to help the nurses identify when to refer to psychology.


Very informative talk on Psychology of #endometriosis for the @TheBSGE endometriosis CNS education day in London!