core stability"
Accredited by the British Psychological Society
Don't just take care of your body, look after your mind as well.
Most people, at some time in their life, need the kind of support that a psychologist can offer. You may have experienced a crisis, or have come to a cross-road in your life. You may have relationship issues, need support to deal with stress or anxiety or simply be feeling burnt out at work.

As a Chartered Psychologist I can work with you to strengthen your core-stability. ‘Core-stability’ is a term borrowed from sport but reflects the positive approach I have adopted to helping you to become a psychologically healthier person. I can help you develop your intrinsic core strengths. We all experience lows at some point in our lives, but my approach will both help you deal with these issues in a more resilient manner and give you the tools to live more positively in the present and future.

I have helped a wide variety of clients, both within the NHS and in private practice, using mostly CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) amongst other therapeutic models such as psycho-dynamic, systemic and person-centred theories. I customise my approach according to your needs. All the theoretical models I use are supported by a wealth of modern academic research.

I will agree a therapeutic contract with you before starting and therapy will typically last 8 to 12 sessions but progress will be reviewed and may necessitate more sessions. Counselling therapy sessions take place in South Woodford, East London E18.