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About Margreet Hendriks
Margreet Hendriks
Margreet Hendriks
My Background
Having been brought up in Holland, Iíve spent the last fifteen or so years in the UK and am now married and live in London. 

I came to psychology having had a rich variety of work and life experience. I gained a BSc (Honours) in Psychology after which I received a MSc in Counselling Psychology and a Post-Masters Diploma in Counselling Psychology (doctoral level) leading finally to Chartership. I am accredited by the British Psychological Society. 

I have worked with a wide variety of people, from all walks of life and ages and backgrounds in different therapeutic settings including private practice, within the NHS and the not-for-profit sector. I have experience and am accredited in working with severely mentally ill individuals to people who are going through a difficult patch in their life. 

My personal style of therapy is heavily influenced by positive psychology: this means that I tend to focus on peopleís strengths and well-being instead of their pathology i.e. their illnesses or weaknesses. I believe we all have strengths but that these can be compromised by adverse life experiences or trauma. My style of therapy will identify these strengths and encourage future robustness so that you are more balanced in your life-approach, avoiding future relapse into perhaps unhelpful behaviours or thoughts and feelings. 

There is an increasing need for people to combat the pressures of modern life and create a space for themselves which is something that therapy can provide. It is my aim to provide a supportive environment in which my clients can grow. I believe that my personal approach is non-judgemental, genuine and empathic whilst putting evidence-based theory into practice.  

As is required by the British Psychological Society and is common practice throughout the mental health services, I have an independent experienced psychologist/psychotherapist as my supervisor.